Learn About Yourself

Learn About Yourself

Powerful, but easily digestible audio "learning pods" to prepare your brain for positive results.

Retrain Your Brain

Retrain Your Brain

With multiple learning pods, you'll unconsciously learn more resourceful responses instead of the old patterns of fear or anxiety

Moment of Impact

Moment of Impact

During an anxiety event, slip on your headphones for a 1 to 5 minute talk-through to help you through and out of social anxiety

Listen to a preview the S.A.F.E. Empowerment System here!

The S.A.F.E. Empowerment System is being released on March 31st, 2019

What is the Social Anxiety Freedom and Ease Empowerment System?

Living with social anxiety day after day can deteriorate your emotional and physical state. If you’re experiencing anxiety every time you are in any type of small or large gathering, or even in one on one situations, you have probably learned to accept it as your new norm.

Anxiety shouldn’t be the norm for anyone! 

The The S.A.F.E. Empowerment System is the result of a collaboration with numerous experts on social anxiety and human behavior. It is an audio program segmented into learning pods and mini “emergency pods” that are designed to help you dissolve or diminish your anxiety as soon as it starts. The pods are meant to be listened to in small, digestible durations.

As soon as you start to feel anxious, play a learning or emergency pod. These short audio segments will help you retrain your brain so that you can learn a more resourceful response other than anxiety.

Your Emergency Anxiety Toolkit

The goal of The S.A.F.E. System is to help bring you closer to feeling “normal” again so that you can actually enjoy yourself while you’re out and about.

The program will contain: 




These short, digestible, and powerful audios will equip you with the best, most effective anti-anxiety “rewiring" available. Containing anxiety-reducing exercises you can do to minimize or dissolve your anxiety now and in the future.

Each Learning Pod contains subconscious elements designed to help the brain-reconditioning stick, helping you reach a new space inside yourself to create new reactions and behaviors other than social anxiety.



Think of these as mini audio files as instant relief for your brain, designed to be played the instant you feel anxiety coming on. Play them immediately before and during a social anxiety episode and you will be walked through your toughest moments.

The Emergency Pods are short enough in duration for you to slip away from the crowd and listen for just a few minutes. Keep the files on your phone or tablet so that you can have immediately access to them anytime.



Every segment in this audio has something that will help you reflect. The workbook helps you to express those reflections, and also asks you insightful questions. In the workbook, you can track your progress and also come back to it anytime you need a quick reminder of what you've learned or what you need to continue focusing on and practicing.

Writing in itself, even without this system, is a powerful way to give your emotions a voice. When you do that, you help them release. The workbook keeps you focused on exactly what's going to help you through this.

Release date is March 31st, 2019.  When you pre-order, you will receive a confirmation email right away so be sure to look for it (check spam box too). Your card will not be charged until the product launches.

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This charge will disappear in a few days. 

Expert Contributors to the S.A.F.E. System

Paul Colaianni, emotional intelligence expert and teacher of healthy communication, walks and talks you through the S.A.F.E System as your guide through social anxiety. Paul's life changed forever after experiencing an anxiety attack in the desert one thousand miles from home. Now he lives a panic and anxiety-free life teaching others how to make decisions that keep them happy, healthy and free of anxiety.

Gina is an Anxiety Coach and Nutritionist who struggled with general anxiety, panic and agoraphobia for over 20 years. She was able to climb out of her anxiety to peace and well-being. Gina has pieced together what really works on anxiety and will help you reach anxiety-free days.

Dr. Sewell has over 18 years experience in the theory and the practical methods of improving self-worth and overcoming the associated insecurity, stress, anxiety and depression that can often accompany it. Her unique specialties help her clients heal from both a scientific and energetic angle. She has been able to change her life after years of anxiety, panic attacks and crippling self-doubt, and will help you do the same.

Giovanni is the author of the best-selling book "Practical Meditation" which has popularly been called “The Meditation Bible”. His work focuses on taking you from anxious and stressed to calm and centered, through the power of meditation and conscious living. Having practiced meditation daily for the past 18+ years, read hundreds of books, and spent time at retreats with masters and instructors around the world, Giovanni has nearly overcome all of his previous limitations, especially those imposed by fear, anxiety, attachment and self-doubt and helps his clients do the same.

Justin hosts the very popular personal growth and development podcast, Optimal Living Daily, and is a living example of someone who continues to overcome his social and performance anxiety through personal improvement. His path has helped him climb out of the trenches of anxiety and onto a path of helping others through his show. Justin is a true inspiration and spreads powerful and healing messages to the world through his show.

Tosha says that anxiety is NOT a life sentence. She has over 13 years of experience in the mental health field and has overcome her own severe OCD and anxiety. Her work has expanded to include natural medicine alternatives. Tosha focuses on healing the entire body, not just the mind. Her clients experience amazing results.

Charlie’s work on mental health has reached millions of people. For four years, his article "How I Cured My Anxiety" was the #1 Google result for the search “anxiety cure.” He has spoken at The Pentagon, TEDx Carnegie Mellon, Fort Hood, Fort Bragg, and more. His play-approach to anxiety is unique, fun and healing.

Jordan spent many years coaching men on how to raise their confidence and build their self-esteem when it came to getting a partner. His extensive knowledge on relationships and communication has helped thousands get through and out of their social anxiety. There's no question he's dealt with and overcome anxiety after having been kidnapped twice and traveled through war zones.

Matthew's clients experience amazing transformations as he helps them break through their limitations and get out of their own way to lead a more abundant, loving life.

Your Emergency Social Anxiety Toolkit

Freedom & ease from social anxiety!