As an affiliate, there are multiple ways to share and market the system to potential buyers:


  1. Email. Share your unique Gumroad URL with your friends and followers.
  2. Website: Link to it from an article, create a page on your site, or create a graphic for a side widget. Many possibilities.
  3. Social Media: Post on Twitter, Facebook, etc letting people know about the product and what it can do for them.
  4. Podcast: Podcasts are a great method of promoting a product to those you’ve developed trust on the air.
  5. Email Signature: Add an anxiety solution to your email signature.
  6. Comments: Making comments on blog articles, Facebook posts, Twitter replies, Instagram, etc. All methods of spreading the word when anxiety comes up.
  7. Advertising: Facebook marketing, Twitter, Instagram, and Google all have advertising options

NOTE: The S.A.F.E. Empowerment System was created with social anxiety in mind, but it has been found useful for general and other types of anxiety too. On the landing page, you’ll find both references to the system (social anxiety and anxiety in general).

Feel free to talk about social anxiety in particular, or anxiety in general in your marketing. For an overview of the system, scroll down.

If you’re looking for good copy to use in your affiliate marketing, feel free to use the SAFE System landing page as a guide.


S.A.F.E. Empowerment System Cover Image: 

Cover with shadow
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  • If You Experience Anxiety You Need The S.A.F.E. Empowerment System
  • There is a path to freedom and ease with anxiety and it starts here.
  • The S.A.F.E. Empowerment System for Social Anxiety is a guided audio program designed to help you overcome your anxiety, regain your confidence, become more relaxed, and bring peace into your life.
  • The social anxiety audio system designed to diminish or dissolve anxiety as soon as it starts for only $99
  • Designed to give you new tools and resources so that you can start diminishing anxiety right away.
  • It’s your emergency anti-anxiety toolkit. When you start to experience anxiety, play an Emergency Pod to walk you through and out of an anxiety moment.
  • Anxiety will deteriorate your emotional and physical well-being. It wears you down and tires you out.
  • A unique combination of conscious and subconscious elements to make sure you not only receive the most benefit, but also don’t overthink things and get in your own way.
  • The goal of The S.A.F.E. System is to help bring you closer to feeling “normal” so that you can actually enjoy life again
  • The Anti-Anxiety Toolkit for Your Well-Being


The S.A.F.E. Empowerment System is a guided audio program designed to help you overcome anxiety, regain your confidence, become more relaxed, and bring peace into your life.

The 7+ hour audio program is offered as a digital download segmented into the following files:

  • Introduction Audio: Explains how to use the system and prepares the listener’s mind for learning
  • Disclaimer Audio: Keeps the listener safe from harm and the contributors to the system safe from litigation
  • Eight 20 to 40-minute “Learning Pod” MP3s
    • Powerful exercises from some of the leading experts in overcoming anxiety
    • Short, guided visualizations with hypnotic elements to help the listener achieve greater balance and confidence
    • Unique and unorthodox advice from many different perspectives in overcoming social anxiety to empower the listener with the some of the most effective anti-anxiety reconditioning available today
  • Ten 4 to 7-minute Emergency Pod MP3s
    • Designed to be played at the onset of anxiety symptoms to help the listener minimize it and get through the moment
  • Extra Pods: Free access to current and future Emergency Pods and “Bonus Pods” as they are released
  • Reflection Audio: A twenty-minute ambient instrumental audio specifically created for meditation, re                flection, visualization, relaxation and/or sleep to help the listener solidify everything they’ve learned.
  • Final words Audio (Continuing the journey): A wrap up for the listener’s mind to integrate the learnings and remind them to replay the audios time and time again. This is also where I share my anxiety story.
  • Printable Workbook: Contains helpful exercises to help the listener keep their insights and discoveries in one place

All audio files are downloadable MP3s that you can put on your phone, tablet or computer for immediate access anytime.


Just a few last words, especially on being an affiliate to create passive income. I am an affiliate for a career coaching program, so I created a page on my website that contains affiliate links to the program I promote. I rarely update that page and never think about it. When someone purchases his offerings through one of my links, I receive a commission on the purchase.

In other words, with no extra work from me, I make money just by having this page available to visitors. It can be easy to set something up like this and forget it, while also offering a valuable product or service.

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to me anytime.

Thank you and I wish you much success!